Rules regarding street begging

In future, certain street begging practices and begging in specific areas is prohibited in the city of Basel.

Forbidden practices

  • Organized, or systematic, begging is prohibited; equally it is prohibited to send out other persons to beg on the street and to use deceptive methods when begging (such as feigning injury or disability).
  • It is prohibited to beg in an intrusive or aggressive manner.

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Local restrictions

It is prohibited to beg in public spaces and in areas that are generally accessible to the public in a manner that puts public safety, peace, and order at risk. This includes:

  • Begging within five metres of the entrance to stations, shops, banks, post offices, museums, theatres, cinemas, restaurants, office and residential buildings, as well as public buildings and institutions.
  • Begging within five metres of bus and tram stops and ship landing places as well as around ATMs, payment and ticket machines, and parking metres.
  • Begging on markets as well as within five metres of sales stalls and open food and drink stalls.
  • Begging in public parks, gardens, cemeteries, playgrounds, schools, subways and within five metres of the entrance to subways.

People who do not observe these rules, may be punished by fine. 

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In addition, there are further rules that need to be followed:

  • It is prohibited to send out children to beg and to beg in the company of children.
  • Public spaces (parks, streets, green areas) may not be used for repeated overnight camping nor for the storage of objects and belongings.
  • It is prohibited to urinate and defecate in a public space.
  • Last but not least, littering (discarding small waste) is also prohibited.

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